Huawei SmartAX MA5600 Introduction

Huawei SmartAX MA5600 is a large capacity IP DSLAM, it support 64-port ADSL2+ service boards with built-in splitters (ADEE), which enables a single service subrack to provide services for up to 896 ADSL2+ subscribers. Huawei MA5600 supports multiple access technologies including ADSL/ADSL2/ADSL2+, VDSL2, G.SHDSL and G.SHDSL.bis.

Huawei MA5600

Huawei MA5600 Overview

  • Huawei MA5600 is Hong Telecom Equipment Service LTD regular stock item
  • Hunetwork Lab has Huawei DSLAM MA5616 ready for remotely login test
  • Support 14 Service Slots, 2 Control Boards
  • Only Support DC power (embedded in MA5600 Chassis)
  • Max support 896 ADSL2+ subscribers or 448 VDSL2 subscribers
  • Support GE/FE (either electrical or optical) as uplink
  • 32-port SHDSL.bis service boards Supported
  • Main Control Board available as SCUB, SCUK (pinch board required)
  • MA5600 commonly used cards: ADEE (64 Ports ADSL2+, built in splitter), ADEF (64 Ports ADSL2+, no splitter)
  • Height: 10U, Width: 19 inch
  • Max supported ADSL2+ subscribers: 896
  • Max supported VDSL2+ subscribers: 448
  • Supported Slots Quantity: 16
  • Supported Service Slots Quantity: 14

Typical Configuration of MA5600

  1. Choose the main control board SCUB quantity, one or two;
  2. Choose the uplink pinch board, O4GS(4GE Optical), O2GS(2GE Optical) and E4GFA (4 GE/FE Electrical) are commonly used;
  3. Calculate how many ADSL2+ or VDSL2 subscribers to be connected, Hong Telecom Equipment Service LTD most stock are 64-port ADSL2+ over POTS(with 600ohm Splitter) board ADEE;
  4. Choose the subscriber cable length;
  5. Choose accessory, SFP module, patch cord.

Huawei MA5600 Vs MA5616

Basically MA5616 is suitable for small site with less than 128 subscribers, MA5600 is for big site. For more details as below:

Huawei DSLAM MA5616 SmartAx MA5600
Service Slots 4 14
Support Dual Main Control Board No Yes
Max ADSL2+ Subscriber 256 (Typical Hong Telecom Equipment Service LTD supply is with 128 or less) 896
Max VDSL2 Subscriber 192(Typical Hong Telecom Equipment Service LTD supply is with 128 or less) 448
Max SHDSL Subscriber 64 448
Support GPON Uplink Yes (MA5616 can work as GPON MDU) No
Support GE Cascading Port Yes Yes
Power AC or DC DC Only
Height 2U 10U

Huawei MA5600 Vs Huawei MA5603

Generally speaking, they are with different capacity, MA5600 support 14 service slots, SmartAx MA5603 only support 6 service slots.

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